In 2018, Special Hope Network was chosen by the Women’s Ministry at Montgomery Evangelical Free Church as recipients of their amazing sewing talents and sourcing abilities to find things our kids and Moms need to have.
It has been an amazing connection, with the end result being the gift of hundreds of cloth diapers and cloth diaper covers, arriving in Lusaka in people’s luggage (free delivery!), and in four huge boxes delivered on a container that came on a ship.  One US diaper company, Nicki’s Diapers, actually made us 250 XXL diaper covers for our older kids who are taller and thinner than average American kids, and did this all at their own cost.
This will be a tremendous help for our moms, who carry their children on their backs everywhere they go, and having good quality, absorbent diapers will help moms and their children to stay dry.  Another item they made for us is high contrast fabric squares in black, white and red fabric for children with very low vision.  A third creation is bed pads, since Zambian families usually sleep together for lack of multiple mattresses in a home, so if one child wets through their diaper, everyone wakes up wet.  The ladies at the church made the cutest waterproof pads for each child who needs one.  The last wonderful gift they created for our kids is textured books for increasing sensory play with some of our children who need stimulation from different textures.


We are so thankful to have such a large ‘village’ that extends all the way from New Jersey to Zambia! Thanks, ladies, for using your creative talents and energy to care for the children and parents here in Ng’ombe, Garden and Mtendere compounds in Lusaka.  We are incredibly thankful to each of you!