My name is Enny Zulu, and I work as a educational specialist for Special Hope Network (SHN).  I would say am a kind of social & fun person to be around, I love to learn a lot of new things to better myself, love to watch movies, cartoons & spending time with family & people that build me up to being good at my inner being.

Enny works one-on-one with students in the STAR program at Special Hope Network’s Resource Center. She helps to add structure to their work time and to introduce and develop academic skills.

I got to know & started working at Special Hope Network through a friend who introduced me to the organization, which after doing my little findings I got interested to the point of applying as an educational specialist. I have been with SHN since October 2015, making it close to 3 years working there.  

Working with SHN has been a challenge that I find interesting in the sense that I am growing each day I report for work. Working with kids with ID (intellectual disability) has made me to appreciate God’s unique creation in each one of us to the point that I no longer see disabilities in my own way but through how God sees us all. I have managed to stay with SHN for some time because the love of the kids and staff has made me grow fond of the atmosphere  and I just feel I can lend a helping hand to change how people look & feel about disabilities.

Lastly I would love to say that it’s really a joy to work for SHN and it’s my prayer that more people can come on board to help  to create a world for kids with intellectual disabilities full of love and care beyond what the world can give, through the guidance of our loving God. May God richly bless the Nelson’s for what they have created, I am proud to be part of the great loving crew at SHN.