Thank you to everyone who opened your homes, hearts, and communities to create space for Holly Nelson as she visited with family, friends, and partners in the northeast! Below is a recap of her trip, and a few of the encouraging moments that it held.

“I had a terrific time in the US, visiting long-time donors and friends, while also getting to spend every day with my family. The dates of my trip were chosen so that my mother and I could drive from New Jersey together to attend my niece’s high school graduation. We road-tripped to Massachusetts to celebrate the wonderful new graduate!

While in Massachusetts, I was hosted by the hospitable Jonathan and Betsy Goodell. They gathered our faithful northeastern donors for a night of SHN updates, and I shared with them about our growth, development, and praises over the past three years.

Thank you, Hallie, Wendy and Thomas, Rob and Adrienne, Colleen, Kelly and Craig, and John and Jean for taking time to stay updated on the work of SHN, and for your constant care and interaction with our ministry in Zambia. You all provide us with much refreshment and encouragement.

Being in Massachusetts also allowed me to spend time with Brooke Park. Brooke and her husband, Jon, are long-time donors, and Brooke also served on the SHN board during our early years of development.  Thank you, Brooke, for you sharing your time, talent, and treasure with us!

Between our drive from New Jersey to Massachusetts, I was given the opportunity to stop in Boston to meet with both the Founder and US Director of Kupenda, an SHN partner ministry. Kupenda is based in Kenya, and helps children with disabilities access care, while also working to train community leaders and residents on disability justice. SHN uses Kupenda’s pastor training materials to host trainings in our Zambian community, and Kupenda uses our teacher training materials in their Kenyan community. Kupenda and SHN also earned the Open:IDEO grant from the UK based DFID funders, and had a chance to work together in Kenya in 2017.  I loved getting to spend time with both Cindy (Founder) and Jessica (US Director). It was a full, fun, and productive day.

In New Jersey, I was hosted by Montgomery Evangelical Free Church, one of our supporting churches.  I was given the opportunity to speak in both morning worship services, hold a luncheon update for the Missions Committee after the service, and update the women’s ministry.  What a blessing to meet with so many encouraging groups of individuals.

The group of women from the women’s ministry are crafty and saturated with talent! They have generously sewed waterproof bed pads for our moms and kids (everyone co-sleeps in Zambia, so one incontinent child can make for a very long night for the whole family!), as well as textured books for kids with sensory needs, visual-perception books with black/red/white simple shapes, and waterproof diaper covers.  This generous group of women loves our moms in such a practical way! It’s always great to be with them, and to pass along greetings and thanks directly from our SHN moms to them!

It was wonderfully refreshing to spend good time with my family, and I’m extremely thankful for the time to reconnect with them every year.”

Holly Nelson, SHN Co-founder & Vice President

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17