Our volunteer U.S. Board generously supports Special Hope Network with their unique experience and talents. For the next two weeks (July 13-24), they’re challenging investors to a matching campaign to support the growth of SHN! Our Board has personally contributed $23,500, and we have two weeks to match their gifts. Will you consider giving?

Read below for an encouraging word from one of our board members!


“I have been a board member with Special Hope since 2018. I am a Zambian/British who surprisingly only found out about Special Hope when I moved to Seattle in 2016. As soon as I learned about Special Hope, I did not hesitate to volunteer to be a board member because of what Special Hope has achieved for the most vulnerable children in Zambia. 

I am a Social Worker with extensive experience working in Zambia, the UK, and the USA. I believe that my experience adds value to Special Hope because of my knowledge and insight, not only from my profession, but because I was born, brought up, and worked in Zambia. My work experience was with community based organizations and it is regrettable that children with disabilities were not recognized as a special group that required attention in their own right. I am so excited to be involved with Special Hope because I can now make a positive contribution to a group of vulnerable children that I should have been paying attention to during the years when I worked with international organizations that focused on community initiatives. 

What Special Hope has achieved over its years of existence is so valuable. This has been possible because of faithful donors and it is for this reason that as a board member, I would like to thank all our existing and prospective donors. Special Hope gives a voice and visibility to a population of children who would otherwise be unheard or seen. Please support Special Hope staff to provide families with the guidance, skills, and support necessary to see their children with disabilities thrive. I am excited about the vision Special Hope has for the community centers where all the support and learning happens.”