Our volunteer U.S. Board generously supports Special Hope Network with their unique experience and talents. For the next two weeks (July 13-24), they’re challenging investors to a matching campaign to support the growth of SHN! Our Board has personally contributed $23,500, and we have two weeks to match their gifts. Will you consider giving?

Read below for an encouraging word from our talented Board Treasurer!


“My name is Min Kim, and I am privileged to serve Special Hope Network as the Board Treasurer.  

As a seasoned Certified Public Accountant, my primary responsibility at the Special Hope Network is to provide governance over the fiscal accountability and overall financial health.

You may ask – why do I volunteer my time? I volunteer my time because I believe in the work and the message Special Hope Network brings to one of the most vulnerable groups – children with intellectual disabilities and their families caring for them.  

Caring for a child with special needs is an overwhelming responsibility in any circumstances. I know, because my child has a rare medical condition. Caring for him in the United States, a developed country with advanced medical facilities, best doctors, and community programs, is physically and emotionally demanding. 

Now, imagine caring for a child with special needs in a developing country, where proper resources are sometimes lacking. The task to properly care for the child is more than an overwhelming responsibility. It’s nearly impossible.

That’s why Special Hope Network is close to my heart. It brings hope to children and their families by empowering them to care for their children properly, and providing a safe space for children to learn and grow. The work they do in Zambia brings hope to many who have no hope. I want to bring hope into their lives, and that’s why I invest my time with Special Hope Network.

You may also ask – other than your time, would you donate your own money to Special Hope Network? And my answer is absolute yes! In fact, I am a proud sponsor of Mutinta, a four-year-old girl with hearing impairment and cognitive delays. I also contributed to the matching challenge because I want you to know that the Special Hope Network is a fiscally responsible organization where I would put my own money to work. It is a worthy investment with a guaranteed return of spreading hope in Africa.

So I am asking you to come on this journey with us today. You will not regret your decision!”