There’s nothing better than hearing parents share how Special Hope is making a difference for their family. Check out a few of the recent stories and be encouraged:

“SHN enlightened me to know about different disabilities. SHN teachers are very understanding and willing to work with children because they do it out of love. SHN gave me strength to withstand my fears, it gave me hope. I appreciate the parent relationship because it was very motivating. I never imagined I would have the ability to take care of my daughter, but through SHN I learnt a lot. SHN brought joy in the life of my daughter and I.”

– Sandra Chilwana,  Aggie’s mom

“I am very grateful personally because SHN helped me by teaching me how to take care of my son. The time I joined SHN, I had no idea on how to feed Bright. He was underweight and he had malnutrition. I was educated on how to feed him and with the soya high energy protein supplement we were given it really helped to boost Bright’s weight.  I learnt to accept my child and I am very thankful.“ – Mavis Banda, Bright’s mom

“I am happy I joined Special Hope Network, because before I joined I had self-pity. It was hard for me because I did not know how to handle my child. I am very thankful to SHN… My child was able to walk because of the commitment of the teachers. Without knowing about SHN, I would not have known how to take care of Isaac. SHN is a place that gave my child love, hope, and I was able to accept my child and my situation.” – Aggie Daka, Isaac’s mom