Why did you want to join SHN?

I love kids with intellectual disabilities and I was looking for an organization that really loved working with these kids.

How would you describe the SHN staff team?

They’re so passionate about what they do. They’re loving, caring, always fun to be around kids. They’re always working hard to achieve kids’ goals all the time.

Why are you passionate about children with special needs?

Because these kids were created in God’s image and I feel there’s no difference to any of us just because they have special needs. I feel like I’m serving God more by serving these kids and I’m just so passionate about them because I really love to be around these kids and to care and give them all the love they need but they don’t get to have all the time.

How have you seen SHN make a difference for families? Can you share an example?

Special Hope has brought so many differences in the parents and caregivers that bring their children to Special Hope. It has really changed the perception of kids out there with special needs. Because here people think that when you have a child with disabilities, it’s a curse or maybe the parents did something wrong because the child has these special needs. But Special Hope has brought light into these families. They’ve taught them the truth and parents just love to be around Special Hope families. They’ve created friendship among families with special needs, so the community is also changing little by little and I’m hoping for this program to grow bigger and bigger so the community can be changed more and more.

Why do you believe that the work of SHN is important?

It’s changing people’s perceptions and views of kids with intellectual disabilities. We’ve seen so much change in the small communities that we serve.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love teaching parents on how they can make a balanced diet for their kids, making sure they follow the doctors appointments and all that is needed for them to keep their children healthy.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I’ve found love and hope in working with kids with Intellectual Disabilities. And Special Hope has really proven to be one of the organizations that everyone else would love to be around because they’ve just brought hope, love, and care to these kids.