Something special is happening here in Zambia and it is simply incredible to witness. Fathers of kids with special needs are changing from uninvolved and uninformed to caring and skilled advocates.

220 dads of children with intellectual disabilities and 520 overall participants were part of our “Father’s Day” Training at our Community Care Centers this month.

These fathers are learning to better understand their child’s condition, accept them, and strengthen their family even in the midst of a culture that often sees mothers as having sole responsibility to raise and look after the children. They are so encouraged as they see other dads just like them, with similar challenges to overcome, and similar questions. We now have a community of fathers as well as a community for our moms.

We are hopeful for the future as we see more and more fathers participate!

Check out what one of the dads had to share, who was part of our recent training:

“Wow! So much useful information that Special Hope has given us today. We pray that such programs continue. Looking forward to the next one!”
-Dad from Matero Community Care Center

These trainings are so crucial for dads of kids with intellectual disabilities as they grow in the unique skills and understanding needed to care well for their precious children.

This is what a dad from our Garden Community Care Center shared with us, following the training he received:

“Now I have a better understanding that my child was created in the image of God and that I should be the voice in my community to dispel many beliefs about children with disabilities.”

Fathers are learning to embrace their child with intellectual disabilities and care for their needs in new ways, and it wouldn’t be possible without your generosity. ❤️