Community Care Centers

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Celebrating Differences


Our Community Care Centers (CCCs) are at the heart of what we do. We believe that children with intellectual disabilities have an important role in their families and in their communities. Because of this, we open centers in the community where Special Hope staff can partner with parents to provide the guidance, skills, and support necessary to see their children with disabilities thrive.

What is a Community Care Center?


Community Care Center (CCC) services include medical guidance, family counseling, motor training, communication support, feeding instructions, and educational lessons. Each center provides a space for 50-125 children and families. Our CCCs operate as parent training centers, and are “one-stop-shops” for everything a child needs, and all the resources and training that a parent or caregiver requires. Our CCCs consider every aspect of the child’s health and well-being so that each caregiver can be trained based on the specific needs of their child. The centers are located within each compound so that the community can feel the impact of a safe, inclusive space for children with disabilities.

Why Open Community Care Centers?


In Zambia, accessibility to care for children with intellectual disabilities is very low, and in Lusaka, facilities and programs offering necessary therapies and education are few and far between.  Kids who have disabilities are often left incredibly marginalized and vulnerable, and without a community of support, families are unsure how to care for their child.


As families continue to commit to the holistic care of their child with disabilities, our Zambian community is reminded that all children are created with great purpose, a need for love and belonging, and with the ability to positively impact their communities!



In 2012, Special Hope Network set up its first two Community Care Centers in the Ng’ombe and Garden compounds in order to address the lack of resources and support available for children with disabilities, and their families. In 2018, two more Community Care Centers were founded in new, densely populated compounds; Mtendere and Kaunda Square. The fifth CCC, Chawama, was opened in 2019. Focusing on the core principles of educational excellence and the intrinsic value of each child’s life, we are working to see these children receive the care they need.

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