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Vacation Bible School Trips

Have an amazing Vacation Bible School planned for your community? Bring it to Zambia! During these trips, you’ll meet the children and families that we serve, and provide them with a fun-filled week of learning more about Jesus’ love! Our amazing staff will support you as you experience a new culture, and you’ll probably be booking your next trip before you leave…

Trip Options | Dates TBD

2020 trip cancelled due to COVID-19. Future trips to be listed soon.

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Vision Trips

Want to catch a vision for long-term sustainability in Zambia?  Come see our work for yourself!

Vision Trips allow you to see our programs, connect with our staff, meet the families we serve, and learn from our Zambian community! You’ll see the SHN Community Care Centers, the Resource Center, and a day in the life of a few Zambian families.  You can book your ticket yourself, and just let us know when you’d like to arrive and depart, or we can help connect you with a travel agent.  We love having visitors, and would love for you to ‘catch’ a vision for sustainable care for children with intellectual disabilities in Zambia. Come join us in Zambia!

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