Hope is Contagious 5K︱Spread Hope

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Thanks for Joining us in Spreading Hope!

Summer 2020


Winners have been announced but you can still snag a Hope is Contagious 5K t-shirt by making a donation of $30 or more!

Use the form below and add your size preference in the comments.

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Due to shipping complexities, t-shirts are available for U.S. donors only.


Each registration donation will advance the work of Special Hope Network in Zambia while supporting children with disabilities and providing training for their parents and families in the wake of COVID19.


Head outside for a sunny social distanced 5K and spread hope in your neighborhood. Post a photo with your 5K time on social media* and tag @specialhopenetwork while using the hashtag #hopeiscontagious5k. You’ll be entered to win a Special Hope prize!


Special Hope prizes will be awarded to the following participants:

Fastest 5K run time (male and female)

⋆ Fastest 5K walk time

⋆ Best Spreading Hope 5K photo


Submit times and photos before August 28th for a chance to win! Don’t forget to wear your t-shirt!


*Don’t have social media? Email us your 5K time and photo to be shared on Special Hope Network’s social media. Email your photo and your run/walk time to jessalin@specialhopenetwork.org and we’ll add you to the competition!


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