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Special Hope Network indeed realizes the importance of various other organizations working to care for kids with intellectual disabilities, and therefore works to support and network with these groups.  Here are some specific partnerships we have developed over the past two years, with links of how you can find out more about their work . . .

Partner Organizations

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Kasisi Orphanage


SHN has set up a classroom for children who live at the orphanage (the oldest orphanage in Zambia) and have intellectual disabilities. We have also trained various staff members at Kasisi how to work with specific children there.

Bauleni Street Kids Project


We have trained and provided various resources to a classroom at Bauleni that currently works with children with severe Autism.  From visual aids to cleaning supplies, SHN works to make sure this classroom has what it needs.

Cheshire Homes (Leonard Cheshire International)


Our Director of Education provides regular training in Sign Language to the staff of Cheshire Homes in Lusaka, a charity supporting disabled people around the world.

Mercy Ministries


Special Hope has provided various tools to Mercy Ministries for their Special Education classroom- from wheelchairs, to educational toys and books.  Our staff continues to provide ongoing training for their teachers and directors.

Zambia Association for People with Disabilities


Our president serves on the Board of Directors of this new organization, advising them specifically on their unique designs for specialized seating and standing equipment..