SHN Sponsor a Family

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Children and families are served at our Community Care Centers (CCCs) which are located in various compounds—over-crowded, impoverished communities—throughout the city of Lusaka, Zambia.  Community Care Centers provide a safe space for families to be supported and encouraged, carry each other’s burdens, and celebrate each other’s victories.  Our educational staff are trained to teach families about their child’s specific disabilities, and provide disability-specific therapies to each child, including training on how to implement therapies at home.  Our social workers advise families on how to navigate an unreliable health care system, and secure necessary medications for their children.

When you choose to sponsor one of our CCC families, you are believing in the hope and future of each unique family unit that our organization serves. You are providing families with accessible and centralized medical and educational resources, and a community of support to empower them as they meet their child’s needs at home. You are reminding parents that they are not alone, they are seen, and they are loved!

Your monthly gift of $50 will change the lives of the families we serve and we believe it will change yours as well.  We greatly value your role and commitment as a sponsor.  Your monthly donation allows families to receive the following support:

  • Child-Specific Education Goals
  • Parent Training
  • Communication Support
  • Motor and Mobility Exercises
  • Academic Skills and Activities
  • Nutrition Support & Information
  • Feeding and Swallowing Guidance
  • Health Guidance and Advocacy
  • Regular Home Visits
  • Medications
  • CCC Transportation
  • Food Packages
  • Safe Space to Learn
  • Community of Families
  • Holistic Care

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