The Resource Center

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So much of development these days is being accomplished by social business models.  Special Hope feels incredibly privileged to be able to establish a social business doing exactly what we came to Zambia to do- caring for kids with special needs.

Not only does the Resource Center allow Special Hope to care for more children with intellectual disabilities in and of itself, it also enables us to generate funding for additional programs for those who cannot pay.  It will always be Special Hope’s first priority to serve the least fortunate in Zambia.  The Resource Center allows us to provide even more free care to needy families in Lusaka.

At the Resource Center, Special Hope is able to offer excellent services for children who have intellectual disabilities based on a fee-structure.  Families who can will pay for their children to attend various programs, all of which are very similiar to those we currently offer to impoverished families free-of-charge.

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