Community Training

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Educational Staff + Caregivers


Special Hope Network relies on Zambian nationals to staff its various programs; therefore we have a significant focus on training teachers, parents, caretakers and specialists. We regularly host internal teacher trainings based on the needs of our staff, and we host parent/caregiver workshops to provide at-home learning and behavior strategies for students. Our staff also trains local government school teachers that are looking for insight on how to care for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Special Hope has has provided sign language courses to organizations working with families of children who have intellectual disabilities.

Community Leaders


Special Hope Network team members speak on behalf of kids with disabilities at medical conferences, local businesses, clinics, and at churches. SHN staff coordinates conferences Kupenda for the Children’s Disability Training Model to empower faith leaders to become advocates for people with disabilities in their communities and congregations. Staff also host community seminars on specific topics like Autism Spectrum Disorders, and provide ongoing training to interested community leaders. Training will always be an important and unique aspect of SHN.

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