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“We give because we deeply admire the effort the entire SHN staff makes every day to bring hope and a better life for hundreds of families in Zambia. They are literally changing the world! We wish we could be there on the ground with them, but this is our way of being part of it for now!”

-Tyler and Hilary Jarratt

“I support Special Hope because of the sustainability of their work, the high quality of their programs, and the tangible hope they bring to kids with intellectual disabilities and their families. It was a blessing to witness God working through Special Hope first hand. My time with Special Hope showed me how crucial their work is to hundreds of people in Zambia.”

-Lindsey Williams

“When I first heard about Special Hope Network it was as the Nelsons were first embarking on this adventure and mission. Hearing their stories of initial visits, and learning how children with special needs are often literally hidden away in society was difficult to believe. The work that Special Hope is doing to show these children that they are loved and valuable, and to help their families learn how to better care for them, is so needed and is bringing hope and joy into needed places.”

–The Schnorr Family

“Our family has been excited about the work of SHN since it began.  We share the passion for bringing hope to children with special needs and their families, and our kids dream of visiting Zambia someday to work with SHN and be part of the amazing work they are doing.”

-The Kyner Family

“As Christians we have always considered ourselves to be“pro-life”; which for many years was synonymous with being “anti-abortion”.  However, after our granddaughter was born 11½ years ago with a diagnosis of down syndrome our understanding of what it meant to be “pro life” was indeed deepened to include life after the womb.  This meant supporting those with disabilities and their families in practical ways and in financial ways.  Our granddaughter had the advantage of being born in the US where there are numerous government, volunteer, and NGA’s that provide resources that have allowed her to optimally develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We are so grateful that her life is perceived to have value. In Zambia, those affected by physical and intellectual disabilities not only have no access to the resources offered in the US, they and their families are often stigmatized. Special Hope is closing the gap by providing support to the underserved in Zambia.  We have seen the fruit of the work of their dedicated staff who are reaching out to the “least of these” with the love of Christ and demonstrating that ALL lives matter to God.  We know that financial support is necessary for this ministry to continue to provide the type of resources our grand-daughter is privileged to receive in the U.S.

–The Mackay Family


When you give to Special Hope, you impact communities by improving care for kids with intellectual disabilities and empowering families and caregivers to provide a loving home, holistic health, and exceptional education and therapies.